Serec Corporation's award-winning Airless™ Vacuum Solvent Cleaning Equipment and Extraction Systems

For over 20 years, Serec Corporation has designed and manufactured state-of-the-art airless vacuum solvent cleaning and degreasing systems for parts and process equipment cleaning. Our award-winning industrial cleaning systems combine high-performance and reliable cleaning with certified environmentally safe methods to remove grease, wax, oil and particulate from your parts. Serec Airless™ vacuum systems provide efficient cleaning for metal, honeycomb, polished bearing surfaces, silicone wafers, castings and PIM. Due to their closed loop design, they meet the most stringent environmental requirements, including SCAQMD, BACT, LEAR, MACT and NESHAP.

We offer custom cleaning systems, engineered to meet the specific requirements for your application. Our product line includes solvent-based cleaners, solvent reprocessing units, distillation columns and drying systems, all designed to provide superior cleaning for your parts and equipment.