Custom ASME Tank & Pressure Vessel Fabrication

Custom ASME Tank & Pressure Vessel Fabrication

Northeast Fabricators, a subsidiary of Serec Corporation, can fabricate ASME-certified tanks from a range of materials up to 2" in thickness. Our 250,000 ft facility can accommodate the production of pressure vessels up to 12 ft in diameter and 50 ft in length. We offer sandblasting, painting and several coatings as options, and hardware such as platforms, ladders, and stairways are also available. These vessels are widely used in water purification systems, industrial cleaning systems, boilers, and chemical storage, to name a few of the many applications.

In addition to pressure vessel fabrication to ASME Section 8, Division 1, we can also build vessels to any specification you require. Our quality assurance department will perform hydrostatic and pneumatic testing to test for leaks and to ensure compliance with the required standards.

ASME Pressure Vessel Being Assembled
ASME Certified Pressure Vessel
Industrial Pressure Vessel Assembly
Pressure Vessel Fabrication


Materials Bladder Tanks
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Material Thickness 2 in
Size Limits 6 in to 12 ft Diameter
6 in to 50 ft Length
Weight Limits Up to 75,000 lbs
Rated Pressure 2000 PSI to full vacuum
Weld Process ASME Certified Welding Procedures
Secondary Services
Automated Control Systems
Coatings (Resin Coatings, Epoxy Coatings)
Feet Frames
Bag Filter Housings
Cartridge Filter Housings
Industrial Cleaning Systems
Mixing Tanks
Pharmaceutical Tanks
Storage Tanks
Water Purification Systems
Compliances ASME, Section 8, Division 1
Quality Control ASME Pressure Vessel Certification (includes hydrostatic and pneumatic testing)