Serec Corporation manufactures a full line of environmentally-friendly cleaning systems for a variety of industry applications.

Serec Corporation, formerly Tiyoda-Serec, manufactures custom cleaning solutions for precision and industrial parts & equipment cleaning applications. Our patented, state-of-the-art cleaning and extraction systems clean products as diverse as metal, polished bearing surfaces, silicone wafers, castings and PIM parts using airless vacuum technology. Grease, wax, oil and other particulate matter are removed in an environmentally safe process, leaving parts clean and dry. Our airless vacuum systems operate with near zero emissions and require virtually no solvent replenishment.

Serec Airless™ systems provide efficient, effective cleaning, reducing the cost for cleaning, and improving the production efficiency within your plant. Our systems are environmentally safe and meet stringent industry standards.

Our engineering staff is available to assist you in developing a custom cleaning solution for your application.

Please click on the following industries to see samples of our cleaning solutions:

Units Installed for the Powdered and Sintered Metal Parts Industry

General Parts Cleaner
General Parts Cleaner

Chamber Size: 18Dia x 18"D
Chamber Volume: 1 cu'

General Parts Cleaning Metal
General Parts Cleaning Metal
Stamping Parts Tubes

Dual Chamber:
Chamber #1: 2'Dia x 2'H
Chamber #2: 1.5'Dia x 5"L
Chamber Volume: Deg #1 7 cu'
Deg #2 8.8 cu'

Debinding System<br>
Powder Metal-Injection Molding
Debinding System
Dewaxing Cleaner

Dual Chambers: 3'Dia x 3'D each Chamber Volume: 22 cu' each

Vacuum Debinding Equipment
Vacuum Debinding Equipment