Industrial Parts Cleaning Services

Serec Corporation offers contractual cleaning services using our patented Airless™ cleaning process.

Our proprietary technique involves the use of a closed-loop vacuum system for cleaning. The combination of vacuum, tumbling, and ultrasonic cleaning aggressively removes contaminants such as petroleum-based organic oils, wax, solder flux, and impregnated grease from your parts. In addition, the use of a closed loop system ensures continuous recycling of the solvent, which results in almost zero emissions to the environment.

The vacuum technology used in the process ensures complete cleaning and drying parts without spotting, incomplete dryness, or rust problems. We also use proven chlorinated solvents to get the best possible cleaning results. Our cleaning services are offered at competitive rates along with quick turnaround. Free test cleaning is also available prior to the cleaning cost estimate.

If you need periodic cleaning for your parts, or have a special project, our cleaning services can solve your manufacturing challenge and keep your production line running.

ASME Pressure Vessel Being Assembled
Front Loading Cleaning System
Industrial Pressure Vessel Assembly
Hydro Carbon Unit with Material Handling
Special Geometry
Blind holes
Intricate passageways
Other hard-to-clean geometry
Small crevices
What Is Cleaned Off
Petroleum-based organic oils
Cutting fluids
Organic residue
Solder flux
Impregnated grease
Parts Flushing
Tube Flushing
Part Materials All ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Filter media
Some plastics
Size Limits Batch size or part size up to 36" x 36" x 36"
Secondary Services
Drop Shipment
Special Packaging
Quality Assurance Other Testing As Required
Typical Turnaround time 1-3 Days After Receiving Parts
Automotive parts
Defluxing electrical components
Electrical components & PCBs
Fabricated parts
Fiber optics
Medical parts
Metal stampings
Precious metal cleaning
Screw machine parts
Titanium scraps or turnings