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Model # 1800, Standard Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasing Machines

Model # 1800, Standard Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasing Machines

Base Configuration: Top load work chamber, manually operated work chamber lid, manual basket load/unload, welded tubular frame, smallest machine footprint.

Standard Equipment: Vacuum system, filtration, solvent recirculation, steam/heat condensate unit, water chiller, distillation unit, vapor supply and storage tanks, HMI, PLC, electrical and pneumatic systems.

Optional Equipment: Front load work chamber, automatic basket load/unload, automated conveyor sections, ultrasonic cleaning, basket rotation, enhanced distillation, additional filtration, carbon absorption unit, stainless steel exterior panels.

Square Chamber Size 18" x 18" x 18"
Round Chamber Size 18" Ø x 18" H
Capacity 200-400 lbs/hr
Overall Dimensions 84" x 72" x 80"

Technical Specs

Throughput 5 loads per hr
Load weight 50 - 100 pounds
Foot print 92"L x 72"W x 80"H
Load Height 45" from floor
Distill rate 26 gallons per hour
Electric 480V, 3ph, 60Hz, 25A
240V, 3ph, 60Hz, 50A
Cooling water 7.5 gpm @ 45 ̊F
Steam 80K BTU/hr @ 15 psi
Air 30 scfm @ 85psi
Solvent capacity 70 gallons

Work Chamber

  • 2.5 ft3 — Work Chamber
  • 18" Diameter X 18" Depth with 16" Dia X 14"H max basket
  • 18"L X 18"W X 18"D with 16"L X 16"W X 14"D max basket
  • Custom chamber sizes available
  • Stainless steel
  • Heated chamber walls
  • Top loader
  • Manual loading